Powering Your Energy Needs Anywhere

Portable Power Generator

Providing power both day and night by using solar energy, inverters and batteries to store and provide electric power. SunCrate is a robust modular micro-grid solution that enable you to worry about more important things than your electricity.


“Rapid Deployment and Simple installation for Energy Needs Anywhere”

We started by powering farmers in the American heartland. Every day we continue to expand the places and applications that we serve. The unit can generate 23 to 156 kWh per day, and store 10kWh to 135kWh depending on configuration. 

Help us on our mission to help bring power back to the people!


No need to constantly refuel this unit. This is a set it and forget it solution bringing power to any situation.


The marketplace has focused on fossil fuel powered generators. These units come with huge costs and logistical challenges.



SunCrate Helps School In Puerto Rico

We just donated a SunCrate Unit to the SU Manuel Ortiz school in beautiful Yabucoa, Puerto Rico and we want to do it again. This unit will ensure that the 140 students, their parents, and teachers will no longer have to worry about the electricity at their school again.

There is no time to waste! We are working on putting resources together so that more can be done. Please join us in our efforts to help. 

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